Whose VioletGrove?

Growing up around the globe, was the best and saddest thing to have happened to me. Getting to see and meet different people from different parts of the world was one thing i had the privilege to experience. From the food, culture and the geography i got to experience , it made me want to incorporate all those things into the two things I love to do. Fashion and food, the two F’s that never disappoint me.I’ve always had an eye for fashion seeing my mother and my aunts outfits from back in the 70’s and 80’s always made want to own a closet with so many different outfits. And it safe to say at the age of 24 years I finally got the closet that I’ve dreamt of and now I can share it with the world. I never realized how good I was in putting outfits together for myself and others until my best friend EllahGlo told me. So  I decided to make it my hobby and now turn it to my career. One of the best things I enjoyed the most was the food from different countries and tribes. Oh my days!!! the food was amazing from Italy, America, Canada,Europe and all around African foods. I didn’t start cooking till I came to about Canada 5 years ago, moving here alone with no family I had no choice but to cook. 5 years later and Iv become amazing at what I do. I tend to cook with my cravings or whatever pops up on Pinterest. And I have the best customers ever, my best friend, close friends, my boyfriend and my brother. They tend not to eat out much anymore and come over for a great meal and fun game nights. Today I decided to put the two things I love the most into a hobby that leads to a career. I want to share my closet and kitchen experience with the rest of the world. The saddest part was meeting beautiful and amazing people and leaving them after a couple of months and years. Leaving to start to a new life was hard but yet easy at the same time. But today I look at it as a blessing in disguise. Im more open, honest and welcoming to anyone with whatever they have to offer.

P.S: All my pictures are taken by the beautiful and talented @ellahglo. Check her out on Instagram for pictures and inquires.


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